2 days.


2 1/2 days off the grid to change your teaching and preaching forever. Imagine bonfires, meal sharing, intensive mastermind like sessions and hot seats. We’ll unpack homiletics, sermon crafting, best practices for study and research, emotional and spiritual dynamics and on and on. THAT is what this retreat will be. And oh, did we mention there’s Alpacas? Easily our most intimate, high level, ‘all in’ experience. Join us September 28-30 OR October 3rd-5th for a 30 spot, private Art of Teaching Retreat. We’ll dig deep and share every last tip and secret we have, as we journey together towards sharpening our craft. We will all stay on property with blend of shared and private rooms, with sessions throughout the day and night–with breaks for rest and fun as well. Phones will also be asked to be turned off for large segments throughout our time.


The Art of Teaching Retreat.

SOLD OUT – September 28-30 2022

1 spot available – October 3-5 2022

Woodstock, VT

Limited spots available

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Every leader has a message in them. A voice to share. A burning to speak and teach and impact. But no one knows how. Or it falls flat. But what if it doesn’t have to? And more importantly, what if you don’t have to do it alone? That’s what this retreat is for. An intimate mastermind like group, equipping you to preach and teach in a way that is compelling and powerful.


Because of the nature and intimate ‘mastermind’ like quality of this event, as well as capacity of the retreat center and staying on property together, we are capping the group at 30 total people for the first year.



A note from Jon about the retreat..

When & Where?

WHEN: Sept. 28-30 OR Oct. 3-5
WHERE: Woodstock, VT

The workshop will be hosted at the idyllic OQ Farm, in Woodstock, Vermont. About 2.5 hours north of Boston this farm has a rich history of hosting people from all over the world, while giving them a place to refresh, renew, and recharge.

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To educate: so much of teaching and preaching is learning, studying, listening and understanding. It’s a complex process with so many moving parts, with it also being enormously important as we are people who are shaped by what we hear and listen to. This retreat will demystify the process with tips from some world class teachers, teaching you about the craft and pulling back the curtain entirely on the process. And in our experience, when you stay on property together, the ‘side conversations’ or late night fire hangs, or early morning walks with a new friend can sometimes even be the thing more powerful than the daily sessions!

To create space: Jon and Jeff have written handful of books, taught on stages across the world, preached thousands of messages, and so on. In doing so we can tell you there is absolutely nothing like carving out time and space to get together and get better at the craft. Staying together, eating together, pushing away distractions together–there’s nothing like it. You can say you will grow in your teaching and preaching, but we all need those catalytic moments that provide energy and vision and sharpening for the entirety of our ministry. And this weekend is that–a space and spark, that hopefully changes the trajectory of your teaching to spur you on towards more compelling and transformative preaching and teaching. This retreat is that moment.

To not do it alone: We have participated in, and also led, many mastermind style smaller intimate small groups of creatives and leaders. It is by far one of the most invaluable experiences to so many projects and ideas with the connections and growth that happens at these smaller ‘sleeves rolled up’ type events. To have other smart people, pursuing the same thing, and hear your particular struggle and help you with it in real time, it can change everything! And that’s why we are capping this group at 45 people, to protect and make sure we cultivate that exact space to sharpen and grow each other.


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A quick note about the farm, to help you plan your trip.


The 500 acre farm in Vermont is a beautiful 2.5 hr drive from the Boston Logan International Airport. We’d suggest everyone fly into the airport no later than lunch on day 1 (first thing you’ll need to be at on the farm is the welcome dinner that night around 6pm, before our first session). However, many people of past retreats decide to fly in the night before and take their time in Boston or Woodstock, before making it over to the farm for dinner. The retreat ends day 3 at 3pm so plan to leave back to Boston around 3-4pm on the final day. You can drive in by yourself, or we suggest pairing up with 2-3 other members in the group (that we will connect as the date gets closer) to all caravan and pitch in together for transportation (and it’s a great way to get a jump start on the relationships).

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Your hosts

Jeff & Jon have a combined 43 years speaking and teaching all over the world, in different countries and contexts. They also have combined given over a couple thousand sermons or talks in their decades of ministry. They’ve planted churches, written a combined 11 books, and served in various contexts and roles around teaching and preaching. Basically, they love to communicate effectively, and they care about the craft of teaching and preaching, and they want to serve you to do the same!


We understand everyone is in different financial positions, and so if it’d be helpful to stretch the payments out a little longer or do a more custom payment plan we’d be happy to help–just shoot us an email to [email protected]. Price INCLUDES all lodging and meals onsite. You show up and we take care of the rest!


September 28-30.



October 3-5.



  • Private room
  • 2 1/2 day retreat
  • Onsite meals & lodging
  • private slack group



  • How do I get to the farm?

    It’s a scenic 2 hour straight drive from Boston Logan International Airport! Feel free to pair up or caravan with people from the group (as it gets closer we can connect everyone on communication channels) or drive yourself! We will send out the address and directions as it gets closer!

  • Is lodging included? What else included?

    Your registration covers your entire lodging and all the meals onsite! We might head to town one day for a ‘choose your own lunch’ scenario but that’s it! Once on farm, we got you! We do not cover airfare, rental car, etc.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Any and all payments made towards registration (including if you paid in full) will be fully refundable up until January 2nd 2022. After that, refunds will no longer be available, but any and all registration fees paid can be applied to any future retreat if you need to reschedule. This gives us time to be able to fill the vacancy while also covering the retreat cost per person not at a loss. Just email [email protected] with any questions or to begin the refund process.